The House

Cal Paller is a Masia that dates back to at least the XVIII century.
The house was lived in until 1965, then was abandoned and almost became a ruin until the year 2000.
A young dream, belief in the location, the desire of transforming this old Masia into a small mountain retreat, and four years of work, resulted in what is now Cal Paller.
Today, ten years after receiving our first guest, the enthusiasm of those early days remains intact. It is the challenge of staying loyal to what brought me here, which ensures everyone who visits us won’t simply have a stay in the mountains but will also take with them a part of the essence of Cal Paller.
The basic idea is to provide a home away from home in which to unwind, with no timetables or closed doors where all spaces can be enjoyed at any time.
Our cuisine is down to earth, mountain style Catalan cooking, with an imaginative blast. Our only pretensions are to be very strict with the quality of our produce, to source our food locally and to always respect our surrounding environment.